The whole “science is cool” thing is really starting to bug me.

I understand the desire for scientific proof in stuff. That’s fine. Completely refusing to accept that something might be a different way than what science says is true so far? That’s just stupid. And honestly, that’s not even the part that bugs me. I don’t care that you are pretty sure that vitamins are mostly inert fish goo. Don’t bark your supposed research at me like I’m a barbarian learning to wear clothes. People like that hold onto their science texts like they are the word of God (*cough*) and just straight up refuse anything else. For some reason they fail to remember that part of what makes science great is that it’s constantly proving itself wrong. Also, just because science somewhere says “this shit is good”, doesn’t mean I have to use it. You do what you want. You don’t take vitamins. You strap a magnet to your wrist. You oil yourself up and jump down a flight of stairs. You don’t eat parts of wheat but do eat those parts of wheat because you don’t realize what parts of wheat you’re not eating and why.

I’ll just be over here doing the dinosaur. Not caring about what you do to yourself, so long as it’s not hurting anyone else. I don’t even really want you to hurt yourself. It’s just that, after so much effort, I have to think, “just let it happen.”

Besides. When it turns out that years of snorting fish goo (or whatever you’re supposed to do with vitamins) gives you the abilities of Aquaman, you’re gonna look real dumb clinging to your outdated science texts and your gum.

I could be a lot more specific and mean about the topics that REALLY bug me, but I won’t because I have friends on both sides of the fence, and I know a few of them will get bootytroubled over it.

That’s another thing. Since when do people choose friends solely based on like mindedness? I get that part of what brings people together is their similar interests, but cutting ties with people because your beliefs differ? That’s stupid. I didn’t tell you to take your heathen unbaptized child to Church before they burn in hell right now. I shouldn’t have to downplay the fact that I have a religion to make friends.

That fact that people, after probably several months of knowing/being friends with me respond with “You’re Catholic?” like I just confessed to being vegan, makes me really, really sad. If you loved me before you found out, why does that one fact about me change anything? I think this particular subject should be expanded upon.

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