So the SCROTUS or whatever. Gay marriage is a-okay. I thought the word “gay” wasn’t okay? Homo matrimony? Not the point. Gay marriage is the point not the point. The point is really closed mindedness.

Gay marriage is great for some. It doesn’t really effect anyone else – yet. Is it the root of all evil? No. Is it everything that’s wrong with society? No. It is the first step that branches out to an infinite number of different outcomes – like literally any decision. It could lead to curing cancer. It could lead to our first (openly) gay dictator. It could lead to nothing.

The problem is the people who have opinions about it, which seems to largely be people who are not gay and wanting to get married.

“If you disagree with this decision, you are stupid and closed minded and a bigot and ga-.. garish.. and we can’t be friends anymore.”

Why? Why does an opposing opinion merit enemy status? Why is it that we’re so obsessed with only being friends with copies? Doesn’t that take some of the fun out of things?

My opinions can sometimes be blunt, but I generally try to keep them pretty vague. I don’t necessarily like sharing my actual opinions with people because for some reason, that’s the tipping point for anything. Weirdly, if I hide my opinions, people tend to like me pretty well. Just for me. Not because I’m against hemp milk. Not because I support carnivorism. Not because I have radical ideas on how to eliminate Glee from the world. They see me for my personality and are fine with that.

Now, here’s the real kicker. I know with absolute confidence that I am friends with people whose views are wildly different from mine. I am also rather certain that a few of those people would probably unfriend me if they found out my views. I know for a fact that I have lost friends due to my occasional slip of opinion. Some of these people are conservative, some of them progressive. The best part? I don’t give two flying gem encrusted shits about their opposing views. I embrace them for said views. I accept them. I love them, despite this. Our differences are what make us great. A heated debate is not a bad thing. A discussion of opposing views among friends should be more valuable than a gold selfie stick.

“Open mindedness is great. Unless you’re open minded about different stuff than me, then DIAF.” That’s the message a lot of people are touting. It’s heartbreaking.

You know how you change people for the better? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not “ostracize them.”

Ultimately these decisions effect almost no one. If you support it, it (probably) doesn’t effect you. If it does, congratulations. I hope your marriage is happy and healthy. If you’re against it? It doesn’t effect you. If it does, I’m sorry your marriage didn’t work out.

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