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This really applies to all retailers, but I’m aiming at Best Buy specifically, since they’re the only ones I’ve shopped with this holiday season.

This is very much towards all retail employees: Holy shit, get over it.

Let me qualify that. The fact that retailers are opening on Thanksgiving or obscenely early the day after is disgusting. I don’t agree with it and I hate anyone that supports it. All of the people who shop those sales are why retailers are shitting all over their employees with horrible policies that torture them.

That being said, the employees need to get the hell over it. Yes. It sucks that you have to choose to either have a job or enjoy the holiday of Thanksgiving. I did it for half a decade. Not as long as many, but long enough. Not every customer that you serve is out to ruin your holidays. Not every customer that comes into your store is about to treat you like a soda┬ámachine that just ate their last dollar on a hot summer day. Some people are just there to shop, maybe browse aimlessly, maybe there’s something they sincerely need help with. I’m not even really talking to all retail employees. It’s almost exclusively people of the college-age. I could go on and on about what I hate about that (my) generation, but that’s not what is on trial here. Learn to tough it out. Your sense of despair from the holiday shopping is all kinds of unproductive. Think of it this way: You throw up your pissy attitude. Problems occur with transactions. Not your problem, right? Wrong. You’re now creating more work for other people. Odds are, that customer is going to either have to go back into a store, wasting at very least 30 minutes of their time. What else? You’re creating work for whoever has to deal with them. Wasting some amount of your company’s time. Also, the likelihood of that other employee getting some fresh ABBAB from that now disgruntled customer is somewhat high.

Get it? Your entitled snottyness is hugely contributing to the generally grumpy holiday season.

So you know what you do? I don’t care if you’re upset. Be upset. That’s normal. What you do is not take it out on every person that looks at you while you’re on the damn job. Do what a half-decent employee does. Your job. You’re paid to be nice to people and do what they ask. Fetch that bale, tote that desktop PC. When someone has an unusual and/or annoying request, or is just generally not super pleasant? You be fucking nice to them. Kill them with kindness.

Then, at the end of the day, complain to your friends. Share stories. Have a contest with your buddies about who had the worst customer today.

If I got an attitude with everyone who presented me with some kind of weird or uncomfortable situation, I would have given 30% of my customers dirty looks for all of the porn. So much porn. I could probably write a mildly entertaining and humorous book about all of my customers at Geek Squad.

And, yes. For the people that worked with me, towards the end I was not the nicest agent. Mostly because I was generally done with Geek Squad. I should have taken this advice more often.

Also, I wanted to be the Gregory House of my precinct. I think I succeeded. I’m a damned genius, man.

rassum frassum making me go back into a store. I’m important, damn it. I deserve special treatment.

Alsoso, I know how to do your job, so I know when you’re doing a shitty job of it.



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